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Premier drywall suppliers in MA, ME, CT, and NH

NE Gypsum and Robert Karpp

Construction professionals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire have known for decades – for the best selection of Sheetrock® and drywall in New England, there are two great choices that truly stand out:

New England Gypsum (NEG) – serves residential and commercial construction customers through its building supply yards across New England (Hartford, CT; South Portland, ME; and Manchester, NH).

Robert N. Karpp Company (Karpp) – serves commercial and residential builders through its construction materials yards across Massachusetts (Abington, Attleboro, South Boston).

Together as part of the GMS family of companies, unified in a commitment to exceptional customer service, the combined reach and resources of NEG and Robert Karpp brings you:

New England’s Best Drywall Selection

Our extensive wallboard selection contains innovative drywall solutions for types I-V construction applications, and products in various sheet sizes and thicknesses, including:

  • Regular drywall – composed of a firm gypsum core wrapped in paper
  • Fire-rated/Type X drywall – protective additives and glass fiber reinforcements, useful for interior walls and ceilings
  • Impact-resistant drywall – dense gypsum core reinforced by glass fiber, useful for high traffic areas
  • Moisture- and mold-resistant drywall – advanced Sheetrock technology provides enhanced protection to inhibit mold development
  • Non-paper faced drywall – covered front and back with fiberglass for water resistance and mold deterrence
  • Tilebacker – a unique moisture and mold-resistant board, ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, floors, and kitchens
  • Shaft wall liner – a special type of moisture-resistant panel, generally also fire-resistant
  • Drywall accessories – wallboard tools and complements, including 90-degree and bullnose drywall cornerbead, trim and more

We offer drywall in sizes ranging from 3/4” and 1” sizes, and we also stock sheets in beveled and tapered finishes for straightforward installation.

Buy Quality Drywall Products at NEG & Robert Karpp Company

All the drywall and wallboard finishing accessories you need for your commercial or residential building projects are right here. New England Gypsum and Robert N. Karpp Company carry a full line of gypsum and cement board, plasters, finishes, and accessories from top manufacturers, including:

  • CertainTeed® – glass mat, fire-rated drywall, shaftliner, textures, trims, and other drywall products
  • Georgia-Pacific® – gypsum board and drywall, fire door products, industrial plasters, and other drywall products and accessories
  • National Gypsum® – Gold Bond® gypsum and plaster, ProForm® finishing products, and other wallboard products and accessories
  • USG™ – Sheetrock® brand sustainable, lightweight, fire and mold-resistant panels and other drywall solutions

Drywall Delivered to New England Jobsites (MA, ME, NH, CT)

NE Gypsum and Robert N. Karpp Company delivers what you need; from the quality drywall we offer to exceptional customer service. That’s why when you have wallboard delivered directly to your commercial or residential worksites in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, or New Hampshire, you can rely on us to also provide:

  • Exactly the drywall products and accessories you need for your local building projects
  • Full stock and scatter delivery service within 90 miles of our yards
  • Pre- and post-delivery jobsite inspections to ensure product quality
  • Access to our complete line of construction supplies
  • A company-wide focus on safety and regulatory compliance for all employees

Call us or visit one of our New England construction yards today.

Finish Your New England Drywall Projects with Quality

NEG and Robert Karpp also supply exceptional drywall finishing products.

View our full selection of joint treatments and finishes.

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About Us

We have one simple pledge: to get the right products into customers' hands all across New England, as quickly and safely as possible.

Our Services

NEG and Karpp carry and deliver a full range of commercial and residential construction supplies from the best brands in the business.

Our Locations

Our delivery fleet is dispatched several New England construction yard locations including Hartford, CT; South Portland, ME; Manchester, NH; and Abington, Attleboro, and South Boston, MA.

Contact Us

For more information about how to contact us, visit our Find a Yard page. Or click the Contact Us tab to send us an email.