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Knauf® Kraft-Faced Insulation at New England Gypsum

For construction in CT, ME, and NH


Kraft-faced insulation adds an asphalt-backed kraft paper to one side of the standard insulation roll. In addition to providing additional stability to the insulation roll for hanging, the kraft paper facing also acts as a vapor barrier that offers an extra layer of moisture migration protection.

At New England Gypsum, we understand the importance of properly insulating your local construction projects from damage and degradation. That’s why you’ll find an excellent selection of Knauf® kraft-faced insulation products available* for order or pickup at our construction yards in Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire.

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*Inventory varies by location. Call your local yard to confirm specific product availability. If we do not have it in stock at your local yard, we will be glad to order it for you.

Knauf Kraft-Faced Insulation for Northeastern U.S. Construction
Knauf Insulation® is one of the largest manufacturers of insulation products and solutions globally. With decades of industry expertise, Knauf is among the most respected names in insulation.

For builders in CT, ME, and NH, New England Gypsum offers a solid selection of Knauf kraft-faced insulation, including:

  • R11 Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft-faced insulation
  • R13 Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft-faced insulation
  • R15 Knauf® EcoBatt® high-density kraft-faced insulation
  • R19 Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft-faced insulation
  • R21 Knauf® EcoBatt® high-density kraft-faced insulation
  • R21 Knauf® EcoBatt® staple-free kraft-faced insulation
  • R30 Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft-faced insulation
  • R38 Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft-faced insulation
  • R49 Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft-faced insulation

Knauf kraft-faced insulation products are available from New England Gypsum in various widths and R-values. Talk to our expert team and let us help you select the right insulation for your unique project needs.

Buy Knauf Insulation at New England Gypsum in CT, ME, and NH
As part of the comprehensive array of construction products we provide, New England Gypsum, a GMS company, offers other quality Knauf insulation products to building professionals across the Northeastern region. These include:

  • Knauf® EcoBatt® unfaced insulation
  • Knauf® wall and ceiling liner
  • Knauf® black acoustical board
  • Knauf® EcoBatt® kraft high-density faced insulation
  • Knauf® Earthwool® unfaced insulation board

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About New England Gypsum
New England Gypsum is a GMS company with yards located in Connecticut (Milford, Hartford), Maine (South Portland), and New Hampshire (Manchester). Whether you need drywall, insulation, acoustical tile, tools, or other construction accessories in the Northeastern U.S., New England Gypsum has you covered.

About Knauf
Challenge. Create. Care. Knauf Insulation is a company with decades of experience challenging conventional thinking, creating advanced insulation solutions, and caring for the people who use them and the world we all live in. Since its founding as Knauf Fiber Glass USA with a single plant in Shelbyville, Indiana, in 1978, Knauf has grown assuredly and aggressively to become a global leader in the insulation industry, with operations, plants, and sales in more than 40 countries worldwide. Now known as Knauf Insulation, the company is a leading provider of numerous insulation products to the global construction market.

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